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offering a choice of Acupuncture, Tuina or Alexander Technique at a conveniently located clinic in Edgware. Your practitioner (Rosalie Segal) will be happy to discuss your health needs over the phone, or arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation to help you decide on the right course of treatment. Call 07983 639452 or email for more information.

New at Body Holistic

International Alexander Awareness Week 10th-16th  October 2016 
Smart phone? Smart posture: how to avoid text neck. 

If you are someone who is constantly bending down over your phone or iPAD, come to a special introductory Alexander Technique workshop during this week to help you find a new way to approach this problem.

20% off  Alexander Technique consultation sessions booked either during this week or to be taken in the week of 10th  - 16th October 
(Quote AAW16)

Also new...

Rosalie is now running Alexander Technique lessons especially for pregnant women to prepare for birth and looking after their babies. This is a fantastic way to learn to cope with the challenges to one's body-use while pregnant and to be able to utilise Alexander Technique during labour and birth.

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